Continental has introduced a private 5G network at the Brandýs nad Labem display solutions plant in the Czech Republic. 

The move is designed to boost digitalisation within production processes, enabling smoother communication between personnel, equipment, and machinery, such as sensors, production robots, and autonomous transport vehicles.

Using T-Mobile’s 5G technology, Conti says the network will enhance connectivity across Continental’s European manufacturing sites, fostering a standardised environment with reduced latency and bridging global production facilities.

Spanning 5,000 square meters, the Brandýs plant would integrate over 1,000 devices and sensors into the private 5G network.

This shift allows technicians to remotely collaborate with on-site colleagues, employing augmented reality for guidance in maintenance procedures.

At the end of 2022, Porsche and Vodafone launched Europe’s first 5G hybrid mobile private network, helping to “develop the necessary tests on the prototypes of tomorrow’s vehicles, even more connected and driven by technology,” said Porsche Engineering MD Antonio Gratis.