Honda’s US unit is recycling uniforms used by some workers.

Worn at manufacturing and R&D facilities, they are converted into sound absorbing insulation for vehicles.

The recycling programme keeps 45,000 pounds of uniforms out of landfills each month, the automaker claimed. Since launch in late 2021, the programme has recycled 380,000 pounds.

Honda works with uniform suppliers Aramark and Cintas along with insulation supplier UGN Automotive and textile recycler Leigh Fibers.

Uniforms from Alabama, Indiana, North Carolina, and Ohio factories are turned into insulation for nine vehicle models produced in North America.

The automaker said it would expand the programme to other North American facilities.

“We need to take every possible opportunity to recycle materials at end of life for reuse in our products, thereby minimising our utilisation of virgin materials,” said Negar Gilsinger, manager of resource circulation at the automaker.

“By maximising end of life material recycling, we are giving our uniforms a second life.”