Bosch led the way in machine learning (ML) hirings over the February-July period with 750 active jobs. Advertised roles included a PhD (focused on leveraging prior knowledge for safe and efficient deep learning solutions to autonomous driving), data engineer, senior software engineer and apprentice data scientist.

The engineering and technology titan has long been at the vanguard of artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, founding its Center for Artificial Intelligence in 2017 with the aim of deploying cutting-edge ML technologies across its product portfolio. Bosch has said that, by 2025, the aim is for all of its products to either contain AI or have been developed or manufactured with its help.

Tesla and Porsche followed in ML hirings from February to July with 179 and 90 active listings, respectively. The former recruited for roles including data scientist, deep learning vision engineer, ML intern and AI Inference software engineer.

Over the course of this year, Tesla has been applying for a steady stream of patents that improve virtualisation, recognition and full self-driving. The patents include “vision-based machine learning model for autonomous driving with adjustable virtual camera” and “vision-based machine learning model for aggregation of static objects and systems for autonomous driving”.

Tesla’s other ML-related patents also include a “system and method for obtaining training data” and a “data pipeline and deep learning system for autonomous driving”.

Tesla’s renewed focus on ML coincides with Musk’s recent claim that the company is “very close to achieving full self-driving without human supervision”.

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