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Nexteer's climate-related targets encompass a goal of achieving a 6% reduction in annual energy consumption per unit of production. The company has taken steps to reduce its carbon emissions, including implementing an Environmental Management System and investing in energy efficiency. By 2030, the company aims to significantly decrease waste generation by focusing on prevention, reduction, recycling, and reusing. Nexteer's latest filings mentioned the keywords 'Emissions' and 'Climate Change' most number of times.

In 2022, the company's total Scope 1 (Direct) emissions were 44,223 tCO2e, Scope 2 (Indirect) emissions were 179,972 tCO2e, while its total Scope 3 (Indirect) emissions were 1,633,292 tCO2e. The company is also serving the electric vehicle market and has products and services that enable emissions reductions.

With a focus on ongoing improvement, the company has established environmental objectives to enhance performance and efficiency. These objectives include annual targets to reduce energy consumption by 6%, increase landfill waste diversion by 2%, and reduce water usage by 2% per unit of production. In 2022, the company's global water consumption amounted to 789,712,916 liters, reflecting a 21.05% decrease compared to the previous year. Significant progress is being made in workplace sustainability at multiple facilities located in Saginaw, Michigan, and Suzhou, China, as they actively work towards reducing paper consumption and waste.

In conclusion, Nexteer demonstrates strong commitment to climate action and environmental sustainability. Their targets include a 6% reduction in energy consumption per unit of production, waste reduction, and water conservation. They actively invest in emission-reducing products and serve the electric vehicle market. Nexteer's workplace sustainability efforts reduce paper waste. Nexteer's commitment highlights their responsible and forward-thinking approach.