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Martinrea International, a global automotive parts manufacturer, has committed to achieving net-zero emissions. The company has implemented several measures to reduce its carbon footprint, including energy reduction programs, water purification programs, and the use of renewable resources. In 2022, the Company implemented a target of reducing carbon emissions by 35% by 2035 as part of its long-term carbon reduction strategy. Martinrea International's latest filings mentioned the keywords 'Climate Change' and 'Emission' most number of times.

In 2022, the company's total Scope 1 emissions were 82,306 metric tons of CO2e, Scope 2 emissions were 202,855 metric tons of CO2e. Since the 2019 baseline, the carbon intensity (carbon emissions as a percentage of sales) has reduced by 19%, and Energy Intensity (energy consumption relative to sales) has reduced by 16%. Martinrea produced a total of approximately 299,876 metric tons of waste from all manufacturing facilities, and approximately 3% (8,680 metric tons) of that material ultimately went to landfills. In addition to continuing to grow the number of plants that are Zero Landfill, the corporation has set goals for 2023 to reduce the weight of all landfill-bound materials by 10%.

Martinrea International has set a baseline year for waste categorization across all its manufacturing facilities in 2022. The company has achieved its carbon reduction targets through energy efficiency initiatives across its operations and the purchase of renewable energy through its utilities at its manufacturing plants in Germany and Spain. According to the CDP climate change reporting, Martinrea received a B score in 2022. This score signifies that the company has effectively addressed its environmental impacts and is committed to implementing sound environmental management practices.

In conclusion, Martinrea International is committed to achieving net-zero emissions and implementing sustainable practices. Through energy reduction programs, water purification initiatives, and the use of renewable resources, the company is actively reducing its carbon footprint. It has also received a positive score in the CDP climate change reporting.