NWTN Inc. has premiered the Rabdan Muse, – a model of NWTN’s Rabdan brand of electric vehicles –  at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.

NWTN has a vehicle assembly facility in Abu Dhabi and is active in solar power generation, green hydrogen production and energy storage in the Middle East, North Africa and China.

Rabdan is described by NWTN as its premium mobility brand that ‘represents technological innovation, intelligent comfort, seamless power, and noble luxury’. 


MUSE was created around a pioneering concept developed by NWTN back in 2019, one that is focused on the needs of all the passengers for personalized travel experiences, called “passenger centricity.”

Muse is the first of NWTN’s smart passenger vehicles. MUSE is an acronym that stands for: Marvellous, Unique, Sensual and Elegance. 

MUSE is also described as a luxury smart passenger vehicle built upon the Gravity Zero Platform.

Gravity Zero Platform is a modular, generalized vehicle architecture platform developed for all sedan, SUV, SPV, and MPVs.  It is a generalized architecture platform for high-end premium C to D class vehicles, and covers vehicles with wheelbases from 2850-3200mm.  The development of this highly modular and generalized architecture platforms enables a maximum reuse, it is claimed, of up to 85%, of underbody components.

It is claimed the Gravity Zero Platform effectively reduces vehicle material costs via scales of volume, shortens vehicle development time by up to 50%, reduces vehicle development cost by up to 75% and enhances vehicle product quality considerably for all derived vehicles from the platforms.