The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said it is investigating a recent incident involving a Cruise autonomous vehicle in San Francisco, Reuters reports.

Cruise is a subsidiary of General Motors.

As a result of the incident, in which a Cruise robotaxi collided with an emergency vehicle, DMV has asked Cruise to “immediately reduce” its active fleet by 50% until the investigation has been completed.

Cruise has confirmed it has complied with the request.

In a statement following the collision, Cruise said: “The Cruise AV did identify the risk of a collision and initiated a braking maneuver, reducing its speed, but was ultimately unable to avoid the collision.  

“We realize that we’ll always encounter challenging situations, which is why continuous improvement is central to our work. We will continue to work in partnership with regulators and city departments on EMV interactions to reduce the likelihood of incidents like these happening again.”