Kia is launching new technology as it expands its EV range.

These include Connect, Charge and Smart Charging.

Connect ensures a constant connection between vehicle, servers and data providers, ensuring real time data streaming to drivers, via the connected car cloud.

Over the air updates via the Connect app and Connect Store keep software up to date without a dealer visit and allows, the purchase of upgrades.

The EV9 will be the first to benefit from the Connect Store.

Live data and the EV Route Planner help locate available charging stations based on vehicle battery level.

Kia said its charging network in Europe includes half a million charging points in 28 countries and is growing thanks to pan-European deals with Ionity and Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) as well as local charging providers.

It is also expanding regional “collaborations” for public fast charging, aiming to set up 30,000 new chargers by 2030.

The EV9 has bidirectional charging technology and is therefore capable of V1G (Automated Unidirectional Smart Charging, Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), Vehicle-to-Building/Vehicle-to-Home (V2B/V2H) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging.

Kia claims a fully charged, 99.8kWh battery powered version can supply enough power to a household for five to 10 days.

V2G technology also allows the direct transfer of energy from vehicles to the grid, making it available for broader use while V2L enables charging points to supply power to 110V/220V appliances.