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Faisal Islam, Economic Editor at BBC, applauds Tata’s £4bn investment in an electric vehicle gigafactory in the UK which will supply Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors from 2026:

Tech and EV/AV influencer, Whole Mars Catalog, highlights General Motors-funded Cruise’s poor Q2 performance. Cruise lost in excess of $7m per day in Q2 – nearly enough to wipe out the profits made by GM Finance:

Tesla celebrates its record-breaking vehicle production numbers in Q2 and announces the production of Dojo – a training computer that is expected to make neural net training faster and cheaper. The company also announced that Model  Y was the best-selling vehicle of any kind in H1 in Europe:

At the US’ House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on autonomous vehicles, Bob Latta advocated for a federal framework to keep the US at the forefront of autonomous vehicle innovation and counter the influence of China. He said: “Communist China poses an immediate threat to our national security through their use of driver-less cars within our very borders. […] If we do not ensure our laws support innovation, the United States will be forced to consider how to secure our roadways after Communist China has already collected massive amounts of data on our transportation systems.”

Velina Tchakarova, geopolitical strategist, warns in a tweet that Volkswagen’s survival depends on China or a German bailout, with its current operating return of 3.5% deriving exclusively from the parts business and licence income from China. VW’s CEO Thomas Schäfer reportedly told managers in an hour-long meeting on 14th July that the company is letting costs run too high, as it seeks to become a leading manufacturer of EVs.