The figure for diesel share of new car sales in the West Europe region in June, with just two small markets left to report at the time of writing, was 15.3% with the YTD figure at 15.2% and we wouldn’t expect these figures to be revised by much, if at all. May’s result is confirmed at 16.7%, which is a very slight revision from the figure we gave a month ago. France stands out as the market with the most significant YoY diesel volume fall in June while Germany, despite losing 1pp of diesel share in June compared to a year earlier, actually saw diesel sales rise by more than 10k units in the month. But overall, the regional June diesel car market was 10k units smaller than a year earlier with share of new car sales in the region at just over 4pp lower than in June 2022.

Hybridisation of diesel in Germany reached 30% a few months ago and seems to be stable at this level at the moment. The type is almost all 48V mild hybrid with some OEMs offering only this technology on their current diesel range (Volvo for instance). Germany’s non-hybrid diesel share, as reported by the KBA, in June was 16.7% but including hybrids brings this up to 23.9% which is the figure we use in our analysis.