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Tesla faces a legal challenge in the US on EV range claims. Nice summary from Reuters.

For many OEMs, the rebound on financial results has been pretty spectacular lately. Toyota made it over the trillion yen mark on its bottom line for the first time in a quarter in Q2 (or fiscal Q1 if you prefer). And Jalopnik pointed something else out.

VinFast. A car brand we are certainly getting used to hearing about nowadays. They are making rapid progress on a long journey and getting to a number of first bases.

It has been a big week for Ford with the F-150 Lightning production restart. Ford is talking it up big-time as it takes a hit on all this heavy investment in EVs. Build it and they (the customers) will surely come. Hang on though, what is Fisker up to?

So, it’s another electric SUV from an exotic brand (well, kind of) with a bit of heritage (certainly). And you say you have done some things to make the handling dynamics pretty sporty, eh? Goes like a Lotus?

Theo Leggett (no relation) calls out some apparently lazy journalism. It wasn’t just the Daily Mail mind, the Daily Mirror also got this one badly wrong. Yes, it has certainly been a dissapointing summer weather-wise in the UK lately, but maybe get your facts straight before you crowbar electric cars into the story for extra clicks. (Do human fact checkers and sub-editors still exist on the UK national newspaper titles? Er, no.)

*Despite the Twitter rebrand as ‘X’, we’re still calling the platform’s postings tweets for now.