Helix has introduced its Scalable Core Technology (SCT) offering a range of options to meet diverse powertrain requirements.

The SCT is available in three versions, stock, configured and custom.

It claims the X-Division SPX177 is “the most powerful pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) motor the company has ever produced”.

Weighing 28kg, the motor delivers 650kW of power and was developed for an unnamed hypercar manufacturer.

Chief engineer Derek Jordanou-Bailey said: “It’s small and weighs just 41kg, including the 13kg inverter. It is a 2×3-phase motor, so its current is shared across two inverters, a necessary approach to meet the phase current demands at ‘normal’ DC voltages at this extremely high power level. Both the motor and inverter have extremely high power density. Six high voltage cables connect the inverter to the motor while an LV connector carries the various control signals.”

The motor weighs a 1/7th of an equivalent internal combustion engine while delivering comparable power output.