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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau spells out the importance of the planned VW battery factory in St. Thomas. It’s not just the direct jobs at the plant, there’s a whole lot of indirect economic growth and more opportunity in the area, too.

The UAW and the contract negotiations with the Detroit Three have got off to an ostensibly rocky start. However, there’s bound to be a bit of posturing from both sides and a bit of theatre, even, to start with. The UAW’s Shawn Fain got the memo and, well, he filed it.

Not so long ago, the big car companies wanted to conquer the world, be present in all markets – territories and segments. Among global OEMs, GM has been one of the quicker ones to row back on that and rationalise operations, focus on the bottom line. Look out for this next week.

Road trip anyone? Ford CEO Jim Farley wants to leave the spreadsheets and powerpoints behind for a short while and just get out there in an F-150 Lightning, talk to people. Sounds like a nice route he has planned. Good on him. (From the tweet, click through to LinkedIn for more details)

Another automaker is getting into delivering battery systems. Hyundai Mobis has been a supplier to watch for some time now.

Finally, some very sad news this week. Our thoughts are with the family of Jochen Goetz.

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